Everybody tells lies. Nobody is free of them. It just comes down to who chooses to live their lie, that it becomes the truth in the end because nothing is certain. Not even promises are certain

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niall-be-my-boo: Darcie, I'm so sorry, I've been battling depression, anorexia, bullying, cutting and so much more for the past two years, I'll always be here to listen and help with whatever i can, you are such a strong girl and i can't tell you how amazing you are, even if you don't believe it.. I still think its true, please please please don't hesitate to talk to me, about anything, I'm ALWAYS here. I'll kick whoevers ass i need to, your deserve to be happy love!

do you ever feel like the world if falling from beneath you? Like all hope if lost. They you mean absolute nothing to anyone and everyone is above you. One by one people slip away and realise how much of a waste of space you are. You get replaced, you get pushed to the side and people get annoyed at you very quickly. That in the end you can only trust yourselves because everyone else will just leave?

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mystifiedsoul: I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, I might know how you're feeling as my friend killed himself last year.

its hard and honestly is never gets any easier. You go on about your day as if nothing went wrong, and you expect to see then outside their homes, or at school or even just at the local shops and then it hits. There never coming back. There gone and no matter how much you try and wish just to see them once more, you never will. There gone forever even if it doesn’t feel like it.

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1dlover2015: Please talk to me if you ever need anything<3

thank you

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Go to a coffee shop. Sit by the bar with the glass windows and look out. Look at all the people running to catch a train. All the girls with one too many shopping bags. All the couples too in love to care. Then you’ll see it - a bit of yourself in everyone. And somehow, sitting alone in a coffee shop had never felt so good. (via mined)

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